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Our Story

People always ask me about my story and how I achieved so much at 33. I tell them, ‘Someone gave me a chance.’ I got a chance to make a difference and be more than I thought I could be. I am a victim of military sexual trauma (MST). I suffer from PTSD from my time deployed overseas. Someone empowered my ambitions to want to be successful, and they gave me a game plan.

Empowered Ambitions started in 2019 and became an official 501c3 nonprofit organization in March 2022.

Every day I drive around the Central Savannah River Area, seeing and interacting directly with homeless military service veterans. They don’t have access to the same level of resources that I have access to. It has become my life’s journey to assist disabled veterans by getting them the help they deserve for serving the United States of America.

Empowered Ambitions is unique because we aren’t selling a product or service. We’re selling a passion. This is what sets us apart. The veterans and families we assist don’t go to facilities. Empowered Ambitions goes to them. We take our services directly to disabled Vets, making it as convenient as possible for them to get the support they deserve.

-Dr. Adrianne Howard



Our leadership team manages the growing network of donors, sponsors, and volunteers who partner with us to serve our veterans.

Adrianne Howard

Executive Director

Renee Green


Derrick Griffin



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